Ask The Architect

Please note: The service is temporarily on hold.

Thinking about a building project and don’t know where to start? 

Have you started a project and need some help on the following stages?

Why not Ask the Architect?

Ask the architect

A free studio session and enquiry service available to everyone.

On Friday afternoons, a free open studio event where anyone can visit the office or contact me to ask the architect any question related to design, construction and property.

All you have to do is pre book a 20min session, so I know when to expect you and what you want to talk about.

If you can’t make it into the office call, email or tweet us and I will get back to you.

To book a session or find out more about Ask The Architect please get in touch, come and see me or visit my website.

Ask The Architect on twitter

Ask The Architect on FaceBook

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Ask The Architect on Tweet Chat


Ask the architect – Inside Out*

Fiona Flame of Flame interiors is collaborating with me to provide interior design support to the Ask The Architect service on twitter.

Ask the architect – On Tour

Regular design surgeries are held from other venues in Shropshire including relevant businesses.

Ask the architect – Structures*

David Sharpe is collaborating with me to provide Structural Engineering design support to the Ask The Architect service on twitter.

*Ask The Architect Inside Out and Structures are collaborative extensions of Ask The Architect by Shropshire Architect Matthew Franklin


If you want to find out more about the service please get in touch with me directly by visiting  There are more contact details at the bottom of the page.

To book a session all you need to provide is your name, telephone and email address, what you do for a living, any experience with building projects in the past and what you want to ask/talk about.

If we are unavailable to answer your question or can not give you an answer at the time we will give you a response as soon as possible.

Any questions asked in an open forum, like twitter, will be answered in an open forum unless requested otherwise.

All private questions will be answered in private.

Questions asked via telephone and twitter may be answered more easily by email so please be aware that the answer may come back via a different method of communication.

We would like to publish some of the questions and answers and will ask permission to do so, obviously all personal details will be removed before publication.

 Please note: The Ask The Architect service provides information and guidance only to issues rather than architectural and interior design advice.


  1. Making Architecture more accessible.
  2. Promoting Architecture and the profession.
  3. Giving a service back to the community.


Matthew Franklintwitter: Ask_Architect

Fiona Flametwitter: FionaFlame

David Sharpetwitter: David Sharpe


RIBA Journal

Hub Magazine archives

Shropshire Live

Fresh Eyes Consultancy


18 responses to “Ask The Architect

  1. Hi

    Saw your ‘tweet’, would you like me to post you a sample?



  2. Peter
    Thanks for your question. I am interested in a sample. I will email you directly.

  3. Pingback: Twitted by FionaFlame

  4. This is a really good idea and I wish you all the best with it

  5. what a good idea, hope it works for you.

  6. Hi,
    I’m a student doing architectural technology, and we were asked to come up with/invent a client for the project we are doing and I was wondering could you give some me areas that need to be covered, questions that would be asked a client in the design process or anything you think might be useful or important that the architect needs to know about his/her client?
    Thank you,

  7. Hello ! I am a student in high school ! i live in phnom penh cambodia! after graduating from high school i want to study architect ! can you tell me some detail that i need to be an architect ? thz in advance!

    • Thanks for the comment, glad to hear you are interested in Architeture.

      The RIBA website has lots of information on it about becoming an Architect in the UK. I am not sure what organisations you could contact where you live, perhaps you could try your high school teachers?

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  9. Hey Matthew, I like what you are doing on here. We should touch bases sometime.

    • Hi there, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the comment. I’m not running the service at the moment but I hope to bring it back.

      Would be happy to connect or touch base as you say.

  10. Hello all.
    I already posted this but it doesn’t seem to have ‘published’ it. Anyway, onto the question!
    I was a bit concerned because I was told it couldn’t be done, but I was wondering whether you could build a house that you’ve seen (I have been taken on a tour of the house), somewhere else, so it looks exactly the same! I saw this house when I went to the USA but I want to ‘build it again’ here in the UK! I was wondering whether it was possible without it looking tacky and fake! Thanks in advance!

    • Thanks for the message, sorry I have not come back to you before.

      We aren’t running the service at the moment, hopefully it will be back. You could build anything you want, it does depend on money, planning approval and the place to build it. How it looks and fits in is more subjective. If its not like the houses around it, then it could be an issue.

  11. Hi, I have a very specific question so not sure if this is the right place to post it. We are looking for some coping for our extension. Our builder claims he can’t find anyone to make it but we keep seeing what we want on grand designs!! and our architect is a friend that normally does new build flats so he doesn’t have many options for us. Could you point me in the right direction for advice? thank you!

    • Hi and thanks for the question.

      Ask The Architect? isn’t really running at the moment but I’m happy to give you a little help.

      First of all do you mean coving – at ceiling and wall junction or coping – bricks or similar capping to a wall?

      Either way it should be fairly easy to get some product info, I would think your architect friend could do it easily unless I’m missing something.

      Have you tried a quick search or the Grabd Designs website?

      If I know more about what you’re after I could help more.


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