Spam on Linked In – Social media, not soap box media

I’ve recently started to increase my use of LinkedIn and for once I’m actively reading and following the discussions in groups that I am a member of.

In general I think it’s going well and I am enjoying the experience, I think it’s a bit early to tell what the affect might be from a networking point of view but I am learning, sharing and helping.

With some groups I found myself wading through a lot of broadcasting posts and struggling to find a lot of discussions.  This got me wondering why there was a lack of discussions and a surplus of self promotion, spam or posts of questionable content, call it what you like, not to mention the number of posts in the wrong sections, like jobs and promotions.

Apart from the annoyance of scrolling past the posts I wasn’t interested in I also wondered why people took the time to broadcast and waste time posting in the wrong place.  How can this be effective?

It obviously got other people thinking too, because I found Duncan Baker posting about Spam On LinkedIn, in the Shropshire Business group, so I decided to post my own question in an Architecture and Interiors group, about the lack of real discussions on LinkedIn.

I felt that the potential for some groups was being missed as they present a great opportunity for people to share information, learn, network and generally benefit from diverse and active discussions.

I was pleased with the responses on Twitter and LinkedIn to my question, which ended up talking about shop or supplier’s drawings on building projects, as well as the discussions that resulted from Duncan’s post, which moved more towards how to choose topics for social media discussions and blog posts.

For people like me who are relatively new to LinkedIn groups, the Shropshire Group gave us some good tips on how to deal with inappropriate posts, by using the flag button, which a lot of people seem to do, messaging the group moderator and generally managing your group feeds.

On reflection I was encouraged by the number of people experiencing and dealing with the same issues and it just shows how important it is to connect with the right people for you and your business.

Do you have any thoughts on this? Feel free to join in and add to the discussions.


4 responses to “Spam on Linked In – Social media, not soap box media

  1. The points you raise here are totally valid and we have talked about it on Twitter (another spam offender network!)
    I find the lack of consistency difficult on Linkedin. Some groups are well moderated and work cleanly and easily, others less so.
    The other extreme also happens and one discussion group had some very frustrated members as they were posting very valid requests for discussion and help around legal issues (it was a legal group) and yet someone in the group was systematically moving their posts to discussion, which they patently weren’t. No consistent approach.
    It would appear there is at least one troll operating in that group, members have reported the behaviour yet nothing has happened.
    Back to your point, the joy of linkedin is finding like-minded people you can connect and learn from, as well as offer support to. Here at Advent we started our own group for that end. Its small but very well moderated and no spam! Its always something to consider if you find yourself struggling against a sea of job ads (mystery as to why the job tab isnt used sometimes!) to get to discussion. You may find other members are more than willing to support you.

    • Ellie

      Thanks for the comments.

      I think good moderation is a valid point, but it would help if more people used social media correctly.

      I’m only just starting out in the groups so I’m not sure I’m ready to start my own.

  2. Hi Matt. Good article.

    One of the biggest issues with Linkedin Groups is they just are not moderated well enough. Like you I am a member of various groups and the good ones are few and far between. Often groups are started up and moderators get a bit lazy for content and so any post is therefore allowed into discussions thread. This is doubly annoying as there is actually a promotions tab companies can use to flog their services.

    My perception is groups are often started but then the task of moderation gets a bit much or they just dont have the time to stimulate discussions or encourage contributions.

    Like most things in life, you kind of get out of these things what you put into them I guess.

    Others may have other opinions tho.

    • Robert

      Glad you liked it.

      Like Ellie you make a good point about moderation. It seems not everyone gets the message about the best or right way to use social media.

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