Ask The Architect On Tour

Coming soon to an office near you & featuring life’s classic questions such as
“How much will it cost?”
“Will I get planning permission?”
“Does my Bosch look big in this kitchen?”

Ask The Architect On Tour – Live and unplugged, in full 3D and stereo

The kind people at Lanyon Bowdler have agreed to host a series of Ask The Architect sessions starting this Friday afternoon in their Shrewsbury office.

I will be holding a sreries of half hour sessions where anyone can ask me about architecture and design.  For example, you might be thinking about a building project or need help with design or construction.

So if you want to make a booking all you have to do is contact Sarah Jones at Lanyon Bowdler and I will see you on Friday.  If you want to know more about Ask The Architect please tweet me on @ShropsArchitect or get in touch using the mbf DESIGN page on this blog.

We will be tweeting on the day so you can ask questions on line and if you want you can follow our blogs about the live sessions.


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