British Gas – The idea

In July I had an idea for British Gas.  I have now decided to describe the idea on my blog, in the hope that something positive comes from it.

As I have said before the aim of this is to promote architecture and design in the UK.  If those who take part benefit from the exercise too then that’s all well and good.

This all started when I was watching television and the British Gas ‘our world’ advert came on the screen.  If you want to see some pictures of the advert look at Helen Butterworth’s blog.  As I was watching the animation I found myself thinking that there wasn’t much of a representation of modern architecture in it and in a little while I had the following idea.

A national competition supported by British Gas and the RIBA to design your ideal home based on the theme of the advert.  The winners could be featured in an advert or two and the other entires could be showed on a website.  There could be a number of categories based on age to widen its appeal and keep it fair for entrants.

I have contacted both British Gas and the RIBA and sent them a few details of my idea and with a bit of luck it might come to something.

I would love to hear what you think…


10 responses to “British Gas – The idea

  1. Hi, I’m not an architect but I stumbled across your post on Twitter and I think it’s a fantastic idea! When I saw the British Gas advert I was also impressed with the ‘your world’ idea and could definitely see the advantage for BG and RIBA to run a competition like this.
    Best of luck, hope to see it on TV soon. :o)

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  3. Sounds like an excellent idea – adverts tend to show very traditional architecture so some newer ideas would be wonderful! Good luck with the plan.

  4. Hi Matt,

    What a really great and altruistic idea. I do hope they are open minded enough to see the potential of it.

    I look forward to hearing updates on how you get on.

    Fingers crossed and best of luck.


  5. Hi Matt,

    It is certainly a good idea to get people involved and sharing ideas and thoughts to leverage a topic or interest.

    From a marketing point of view however, *why* would British Gas want to promote modern architecture and *how* would they benefit from promoting architecture? “What’s In It For Me?” There marketing (advertising in particular) is focused on the benefits of cost savings, service and support and utilising new technologies to reduce gas and electricity consumption right? How does architecture fit into this?

    Maybe, what you should try focusing on is ‘reducing energy consumption via effective architecture’. The design of a modern day home working towards helping the environment and educating home owners on sustainable living. This would benefit British Gas because they are associated with a wider ‘greener’ message (and seen to be doing their bit) and at the same time the home owner would be receiving good education on sustainability and the environment. I am sure British Gas would be up for any sort of ‘education programme’ and one which the Government may support too.

    Note: British Gas adverts have been on the receiving end to a host of complaints and criticism from the ‘Your World’ campaign. Google it.

    Keep us all posted on how it goes! Good Luck!!

    • Pritesh

      I’m glad you like my idea.

      The promotion of modern architecture is what I want to do and I think British Gas will benefit from the publicity generated by the competition and associated promotions. I see no reason why British Gas would not want to promote modern architecture as it goes hand in hand with cost saving and using technology to reduce consumption (sustainability). I am sure that if British Gas and the RIBA are interested in my idea we can do more to make it more beneficial to all involved.

      I agree that sustainability is an important issue and I think that your suggestion of an education programme would be better covered in another format to show the detail and methods employed in making sustainable buildings. The adverts would be best employed to show design ideas and visual representations.

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