Idea for British Gas

On Thursday night last week I had an idea to help promote modern architecture in collaboration with British Gas and the RIBA.

The next day I decided to start things off using Twitter.  I found @BritishGas, tried tweeting them and soon discovered that they were not really engaging with people on Twitter, but that’s another story.

I changed my approach and tweeted for help and got some great responses.  David Sharpe sent me the press/media number for Centrica so I called them and sent them an email.

Yesterday I called the RIBA and had a telephone call from Centrica, which gave me the chance to explain how I thought my idea could promote modern architecture and be a great marketing exercise for all concerned.

I now have a bit of a dilemma as I am reluctant to explain my idea at this stage and risk losing control of it.  If anyone has been following my tweets and this story they have probably been able to work out what I am banging on about so I may have given it away already!

Once more I turned to my twitter network to ask for help and advice on what to do and got some good ideas and offers of help from Michaela Hardwick, Su Butcher, Graham Norwood and Keith at Pa Group.

The purpose of this post is to start telling the story of my idea and get something out in the public domain.

If you have any ideas on what I should do next I would like to read them.  Thanks


3 responses to “Idea for British Gas

  1. I’m intrigued! One rather basic way to prove an idea is yours is to post it to yourself and leave the letter sealed but it isn’t exactly watertight.

    Retaining control of ideas and concepts is really hard to manage as ultimately you need the money to prosecute if it comes to a legal case, and the chances are that a large company has a larger budget than you.

    Sometimes the best attitude is to accept that you can’t retain full control and instead just consider it to be an altruistic act!

    • Claire
      Thanks for the comment.

      I tend to agree with you as the purpose of the idea is more important than who came up with it.

      I’ve heard that the posting your idea to yourself is not good enough proof.

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