Trying to make ‘a go of things’?

When I started to look at re-designing a web site last year, I became quite interested in Blogs and Forums, as I had read that it was possible to increase a website’s Google ranking by link building.

I got a lot of good info and advice from A Scottish Seo Company and went from there.  I joined forums and discussion groups and commented on Blogs and I enjoyed learning, sharing and helping.

At the end of last year I was made redundant and because there was a shortage of jobs for Architects in the West Midlands, I was prepared to do almost anything to make money.  As I was toying with the idea of becoming self employed I started to set up profiles on freelancing websites like Peopleperhour and Business Networking sites like LinkedIn.

This increased use of the internet lead me to think about starting a Blog, everyone seemed to be doing it, even though I may have been a few years late to the Blog boom.  Around this time I was following the 4Homes Blog a lot and I had the opportunity to apply as a resident blogger!  In the end I was not successful, but as I was waiting for a final decision I didn’t post anything to my own blog (shame on you I hear you say).

Although this is a very long winded excuse for not being very active on my own blog, I am now trying to make amends and joining Twitter has given me a renewed enthusiasm for writing.

In case anyone is interested I have been made redundant again (the first time round I was lucky enough to get a job with no break in my career) and I may still become self employed.


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