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Ask The Architect – History

Over Easter, yes Easter!, I had an idea!  Well they do happen, even to me.  Needless to say I was so surprised by this event that I made notes.

I thought of a marketing strategy for the compnay I was working for, which worked in the same way as a drop in surgery for a doctor or a health centre, as a result I came up with Ask The Architect.

After a series of events, my idea is still just sitting on my desk doing nothing so I thought I’d put something on my blog


What does the title Architect mean to you?

I saw this article from Su Butcher and it stirred something in my mind, but I couldn’t recall it, until now.

Not only is the image of an Architect misconceived I think that the title is having a bad run of luck too.  Apart from its verbal use in phrases like ‘lash architect’ or ‘architect of his own downfall’ a more recent example is used in IT.

The world of IT uses phrases like systems architect, project architect, solution architect, data architect and so on and there seems to be an increasing number of references to ‘architects’ in IT, which sometimes gets in the way of my roaming for my intended subject.  Surely it must cause problems with those in IT as well?

Trying to make ‘a go of things’?

When I started to look at re-designing a web site last year, I became quite interested in Blogs and Forums, as I had read that it was possible to increase a website’s Google ranking by link building.

I got a lot of good info and advice from A Scottish Seo Company and went from there.  I joined forums and discussion groups and commented on Blogs and I enjoyed learning, sharing and helping.

At the end of last year I was made redundant and because there was a shortage of jobs for Architects in the West Midlands, I was prepared to do almost anything to make money.  As I was toying with the idea of becoming self employed I started to set up profiles on freelancing websites like Peopleperhour and Business Networking sites like LinkedIn.

This increased use of the internet lead me to think about starting a Blog, everyone seemed to be doing it, even though I may have been a few years late to the Blog boom.  Around this time I was following the 4Homes Blog a lot and I had the opportunity to apply as a resident blogger!  In the end I was not successful, but as I was waiting for a final decision I didn’t post anything to my own blog (shame on you I hear you say).

Although this is a very long winded excuse for not being very active on my own blog, I am now trying to make amends and joining Twitter has given me a renewed enthusiasm for writing.

In case anyone is interested I have been made redundant again (the first time round I was lucky enough to get a job with no break in my career) and I may still become self employed.